Table of Contents


Summer After High School: 1966

Blue Eyed Beauty Queen

Great Expectations


Freshman Year: 1966 – 1967

Beanies & Dingbats

Footprints of Birds in the Sky

In a gadda da vida

Classy Women don’t Advertise

Teenage Elixir

A World outside of Her Own

Shadowy Truths    

In love with love

‘A Man and a Woman’

Unintended Consequences

Summer of 1967

Summer of Love

Golden Legacy

Triangle Bar

Boat Shoe Boys

Boones Farm Bouquet

Rainy Day Monday


Sophomore Year: 1967-1968

Stinky Fingers with Sad Faces

Keeping to Our Own Kind

Indian Country

Avoiding the Suits


Summer of 1968

Vernacular Seduction

Single-Digit Midget
August 27th, 1968, Minnehaha Falls

August 27th, 1968, A Shau Valley

Baby makes three

Junior Year: 1968-1969

Apache Snow

Super Charged Avanti

Gung Ho

Mid-Summer of 1969

Pirates of Haute Couture

Homecoming Angst

Summer of Past Regrets

Huaraches on Campus

Shadowy Remains        

Campus Queen          



Senior Year: 1969-1970

‘A Woman’ Revisited

Chance Encounter

Welcome Back to Campus



Mid-Point Senior Year: 1969 - 1970

Runs with the Big Dogs
Above the Din

Dutch Uncle

Minneapolis Club


Campus Soliloquy

Long Time Lost

Last Chance

Colleen’s Baby

Biba on Parade

Mother Hen

CIB Material

Lost in the A Shau

Blind Before Her Eyes


Winter Break

Cave Dog

Tonka Chic

Great White on a Seal Pup

Board of Inquiry

Dark Cloud Lifted

Winter Respite

Unresolved Differences

Napalm Flashbacks