Denis LaComb is a storyteller.

Dissatisfied with a single title such as novelist, screenwriter, or playwright, Denis decided that the most apt description of his work would simply be: Storytelling.

No matter what the genre; novel, play, movie, or children’s books, the essence of Denis’ work is storytelling in its purest form. While the characters may change and the story may vary, at the core of all of Denis’s work is a story to be told. A story that might involve mystery, passion, conflict, or the intricacies of relationships.

The catalyst for Denis to begin writing full time was a decision to wind down his video production business. With the threat of retirement looming in his future, Denis went back to work on a Western novel he’d written forty years earlier. This was his first writing project and hence, a new career was born.

He rewrote that novel and in short order, completed three more novels and four screen-plays. At that point, Denis decided to take some of the made-up tales he’d created for his grandchildren and turn them into picture books. Skinny Hippo is the first of such picture books.

Denis is also writing scripts for television movies and has completed several plays, which he is shopping around for the proper venue.

Denis and his wife, Sharon, divide their time between traveling, Minnesota, and Southern California with long layovers in Colorado where three of their grandchildren live.