Love in the A Shau is a love story set in the turbulent sixties. A period of social, civil, and sexual upheavals for so many college students.


Daniel, a struggling freshman from a lower socio-economic class background falls in love with Colleen, the daughter from a very wealthy family. Despite their social and cultural differences, the couple is drawn together; as much by their differences as their physical attraction to one another. Love ensues but brings with it a plethora of unintended consequences.


These differences continue to challenge their relationship and Colleen feels compelled strike out on her own to find herself. Daniel drops out of school, gets drafted, and is sent to Vietnam. Southeast Asia becomes Daniel’s vision quest; a turning point in his life. While recovering from combat wounds, he receives a ‘Dear John’ letter from Colleen. Their relationship is seemingly over.


But Colleen is also changing. After a traumatic seduction, Colleen has found new strength as a woman. She is more self-assured, more independent, and never wants to become vulnerable with a man again. She’s found a new boyfriend, a budding career in journalism, and the end of a stellar college career in sight.


All of that changes when Daniel returns to campus, a radically changed person. Now Colleen must face the consequences of her past actions. 


Love in the A Shau is the story of driving ambition between two people. One who has nothing and one who has it all. Both end up fighting against society’s prejudices stacked against them. It is an untypical love story that deals with class in America, Vietnam, old world values, and family traditions that collide with new sexual freedoms and women’s newly emerging roles in society.


Love in the A Shau:
We’re all damaged. The only question is how damaged? And can we be healed?